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Posted Friday, May 21, 2010 by Duane Maranda
Athletes and Parents,
This Monday 5/24 we are having a short team meeting in room 2136. You can choose between the 7:15 AM meeting or the 2:20 PM meeting, we will cover the same info at both. This is for all athletes that plan to or are thinking of playing football next fall. If you have a friend thinking of playing this is a good time to see what it is all about. Incoming freshmen are encouraged to attend as well. In it we will cover:
-This Monday kicks off our 12 week summer training session. In this session we will focus on speed, strength, power, endurance, flexibility, and agility training. Consistency is the key to athletic training. In order for our team to enter the season in the best shape possible we need each of you to commit to becoming the best possible athletes you can be. This starts one athlete at a time. When you are having one of those days when it is tough to get off the couch or out of the pool think about your teammate. Do it for them, do it for the impact you will make on your team. No one player will take the field alone this fall, you will be apart of a team. If you do what is right for the team you will always be making the right decision. 
This is an exciting time of the year. Our Juniors are stepping into their leadership roles as seniors and maybe captains. Our Sophomores are looking to make a big impact at the varsity level and become the next up and coming stars in the ECC, and last years Freshmen are hungry to prove themselves as they all become part of our Varsity team. 
Our training days will be Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 6 pm – 7:30 pm. No AM Lifting. If you need a ride please do not hesitate to ever call. I am looking forward to getting after it.
-The 4th quarter is quickly coming to an end. Understand how you end this year determines your athletic eligibility for next fall. Please print out a copy of your power school report and bring to the meeting Monday.
-A Nike sales representative and Mr. Archambault will be at the school on June 9th with a table set up in the cafeteria lobby during all four lunch waves for athletes to place their orders for cleats, Nike compression shirts, and gloves. Attached is the order form for you to fill in your sizes and info. Have you’re filled out order form and check on that day. You are getting a very good discount by ordering through our rep. If you are an incoming freshmen you may turn your form and check into me at any lifting session prior to the 9th
I will also be handing out an info packet which will include next years Varsity schedule. The JV and Freshmen schedule have not been made yet but you can assume that JV plays on Saturday when the Varsity plays on Friday and Monday when we play on a Saturday. Location is always opposite the Varsity. Freshmen play on Thursdays and the location follows the Varsity team.

Duane Maranda

Head Football Coach

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